How to control recoil in BGMI: Top 10 Tricks

recoil control

Recoil controlling tricks in BGMI While playing the popular battlegrounds game, so many players face difficulty in controlling the recoil and they are unable to enjoy the game. Today, we …

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Top 10 miscellaneous weapon in BGMI.

weapons in pubg

There are many weapon in BGMI which cannot be classified in any category or there is very less weapon in their category like LMG that is only 3. MG3    …

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PUBG BAN IN INDIA: Earlier on September 2, 2020 , we got a heartbreaking news that PUBG Mobile has been banned in INDIA along with 117 Other Chinese apps. After …

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PUBG Update: New Paramo Map coming soon.

PUBG Update

PUBG Devs just released a trailer for the upcoming season 9 Update. In the update, a new map with the volcanic landscape and fog-covered highlands . The new mode looks …

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How to Push Rank in BGMI Mobile: Top 10 Tips

Rank push in pubg

Rank push in BGMI PUBG tips and tricks for rank push. Rank Push in BGMI is a skill killing thing which kills your skills and makes your gameplay like campers. …

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