Sniping in BGMI: 10 best tips to improve sniping in PUBG

Sniping in BGMI is a typical task. Not all people can do it. But check out this tutorial on how to become a pro sniper and some tips and tricks for a sniper.

How to Snipe in PUBG Mobile? Sniping in BGMi


First of all, change your settings according to your choice. Choose Bolt-action firing Mode whether you better snipe in the tap or in release mode. In tap mode gunshots when you tap the fire button and in release mode gunshots when you tap then release the fire button giving you better precision. But in tap mode, you can see the bullet path.

Also, you can change the camera sensitivity to your choice.

Like this type of sensitivity I use. Don’t copy these settings but you can find your own by going to training mode and practicing your aim.  Note if you are a gyroscope player you can decrease the sensitivity of 8x scope for sniping in BGMI

Crosshair placement.

When you are playing TPP, and you have a sniper, always try to place the crosshair on the enemy while in the cover so when you come out of cover for aiming you will be able to aim more quickly as normal.

sniping in pubg


In this way, if the enemy also has a sniper you will be able to aim more quickly than your enemy and kill him easily.

You can apply the same thing with AR also.

Hand and Eye coordination.

Hand and eye coordination are similar to what most cricketers use. But in PUBG it means as soon as you aim at an enemy’s head, you have to shot him before he changes his position. If your hand and eye coordination are better your sniping will also be better. You can also try a flick shot.

Practice makes a man perfect.

As we know what the above sentence means. So just go in your training ground pick a sniper and starting aiming as quickly as possible. Try hitting a quick scope shot on the targets. You should practice for a minimum of 10 minutes before playing a classic match for better results. Also, remember that never use AWM for practicing because it is very easy to use so always go for Kar98K or M24.

No headshot mentality in beginning.

Many people while sniping, behave as if they miss a headshot they would die or they have only one bullet in their gun. By this thought, they keep aiming in the head, and takes a lot of time and the enemy runs away. So not always go for the head because your enemy is not Thanos. You can also kill him with two body shots.

Head Shot mentality.

In some situations, the above point becomes wrong. Sometimes when you play with your team and see enemies even you have a chance to knock one of them with your sniper but if you miss a headshot you will expose yourself and your team. In that situation, you have to hit a headshot so that even if you got exposed, the enemy team will have a disadvantage as their one teammate will be down.

Never stay in one place while sniping.

While sniping in BGMI, always change your position so that the enemy gets confused about where they are getting shot. Always keep moving if you are on the roof of a house in the open or while healing so that other sniper predators may not give you a headshot.

Choose a better sniper.

For better sniping in BGMI, always try to choose which sniper you can handle perfectly. As AWM is very easy to use but not every person can find it in an Airdrop. So choose which gun you can sniper better. i.e. Kar98k or M24. Both guns are not similar. Handling of K9 is better and the damage and mag size of M24 is better. Also, check all snipers in PUBG.


Role of Sniper in the team.

A good assaulter helps in close range, a good backline assaulter helps in Medium range, and a good leader leads the team. But a good sniper scouts the team. A sniper can be used in medium-range, mid-close range, long-range, and from AWM. While rushing a house, leave your team’s sniper at a good, high, safe sniping point. And rush the house with the rest of the team In this situation, he can scout you, tell you about every situation, and movement and he can hit some enemies with his gun.

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