Best 5 Snipers in BGMI : All Snipers

Every team has Assaulters (frontline and backline), a leader, and a Sniper. Every time in medium range or long-range fights a good sniper with a good sniper rifle always helps the team. So here are some points about snipers in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

Five Snipers in BGMI

Kar98k- The classic Sniper

Kar98k is a classic gun that uses 7.62 ammo. The gun has the damage of 79 and can kill a player wearing a level 2 helmet in one headshot. The gun is not powerful enough to burst a level 3 helmet but it leaves a player with 5% health with a Headshot. So even if you have a level 3 helmet then also someone can kill or knock you if the health is not 100%. The kar98k has the lowest reload time of all snipers if equipped with a bullet loop.

The gun also supports manual reloading. Using a cheek pad in PUBG mobile is useless but in PUBG PC cheek pad reduces Sway and increases accuracy. The gun has a very decent iron sight and is very accurate. KAR98K has the best iron sight in all snipers. Even if the M24 has slightly greater damage the kar98k is a classic gun and using it is fun. Players often think that M24 is better than KAR98K but that’s not true.

Due to better iron sight, low reload time, and higher spawn rate than M24, kar98k is a better choice.


Ammo 7.62
Damage 79
Availability World Spawn


Because Kar98 is a sniper, the only attachments needed are a scope and a bullet loop.

Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant is a new member of the sniper family of PUBG/BGMI. It uses 7.62 of ammo and deals the damage identical to the Kar98k. In all states, it’s identical to Kar98k except for the bullet drop. Mosin Nagant has a lesser bullet drop than Kar98k and it is easier to snipe with this gun. In other features, Mosin Nagant is identical to Kar98k. It knocks an enemy wearing a level 2 helmet and leaves the player wearing a level 3 helmet with 6% health.

The reload time is similar to kar98k even with a bullet loop. The iron sight is also identical but the iron sight of Mosin is slightly better with the better range finder.


Ammo 7.62
Damage 78
Availability World Spawn


Because Mosin is a sniper, the only attachments needed are a scope and a bullet loop.


M24- The Overrated Sniper

M24 is one of the best snipers. The gun has a base damage of 82 and can kill a player wearing a level 2 helmet in one headshot. M24 also does not have enough power to burst a level 3 helmet but, it leaves a player with only 4 % of health. Only 1% higher than Kar98k. Unlike Kar98k The mag size of M24 is 5 which is extendable to 7 and full reload time with a quickdraw mag is slightly greater (only half a second) than Kar98k with a Bullet Loop.

The manual reload time is very low (only 2 seconds) which makes it very efficient. The gun does not have an iron sight. Unlike kar98k the gun cannot be used without even a red dot sight. The bullet drop is slightly less than K9. In PUBG pc M24 have the advantage of using Quickdraw and cheek pad together unlike Kar98.

Kar98k is better than M24 in some ways but there are some reasons why M24 is better than Kar98k. The main thing is lower bullet drop and the equitability of extended or quickdraw and cheek pad together gives an advantage to PUBG PC players.

Ammo 7.62
Damage 82
Availability World Spawn


Because M24 is a sniper, the only attachments needed is a scope and a cheek pad, and a quick draw or extended mag.


AWM- The Beast sniper

Do you think that if you get an AWM in an airdrop then you will leave it there? Of course not. So the AWM is a gun that everyone loves. Even if a person is not good at sniping then also he would not dare to leave an AWM.  The base damage of the gun is 120 and is too powerful that it can burst a level 3 helmet in one headshot. With a lot of luck, the only thing that can be survived by an AWM’s headshot is a level 3 helmet with only 10% health.

The gun is airdrop exclusive and has a magazine size of 5 that can be extendable to 7. In an airdrop, it comes with 25 ammo. And that’s enough. With 25 bullets of AWM, a player can kill 25 players (but that’s not possible). The gun has almost negligible Bullet drop and it has very fast bullet velocity. AWM is the most-wanted and most valuable gun in PUBG. When AWM is properly used it is very hard to lose in a long-range fight.

The color of the gun is green which makes it good camouflage for snakes. The damage of a gun is much higher than it can kill a player with a level 1 vest in one shot on the chest.


Because AWM is a sniper, the only attachments needed are a scope and a cheek pad

Ammo .300 Magnum
Damage 105
Availability Airdrop exclusive



The Lynx AMR rifle, recently introduced in PUBG Mobile, redefines the art of sniping with unparalleled precision and devastating power. Boasting a sleek design and deadly accuracy, the Lynx AMR stands out as a top-tier choice for players who favor long-range engagements.

Usability-wise, the Lynx AMR strikes a balance between power and control. Its low recoil and adaptable design make it a versatile choice for players adept at long-range engagements. The integrated suppressor adds a layer of stealth, allowing for discreet eliminations without compromising position.

Operating on the .50 BMG ammo type, the Lynx AMR ensures that every shot maintains its lethal impact. However, with a limited magazine capacity of 5 rounds, players must exercise caution and precision, making every bullet count. In the hands of a skilled marksman, the Lynx AMR stands as a formidable tool, transforming the PUBG Mobile battlefield into a sniping spectacle of precision and power.

The Lynx AMR rifle in PUBG Mobile demonstrates an impressive capability to penetrate through vehicles. Its .50 BMG ammunition, coupled with its high base damage, makes it a formidable choice for engaging enemies taking cover behind vehicles. The Lynx AMR’s rounds can effectively pierce through the metal of various vehicles, delivering damage to opponents sheltered within.


AMR Can only be equipped with a Scope mount.

Ammo .50 BMG
Availability AirDrop Exclusive

snipers in bgmi


The Dragunov, a semi-automatic designated marksman rifle in PUBG PC, combines precision shooting with adaptability, making it a standout choice for players seeking a versatile long-range weapon. Boasting a 7.62mm ammo type, the Dragunov delivers consistent damage, providing a substantial punch with each shot.

One noteworthy aspect of the Dragunov is its semi-automatic firing mechanism, allowing for controlled shots without the need to re-chamber after each bullet. This feature offers a balanced compromise between fire rate and recoil control, catering to players who value accuracy in engagements.

The rifle’s damage output, while reliable, can exhibit some randomness at longer ranges, influencing its effectiveness in certain scenarios. To enhance performance, players can leverage various attachments. Equipping a compensator helps mitigate recoil, and adding a scope like the 4x magnification can maximize precision during engagements.

The Dragunov’s magazine capacity of 10 rounds strikes a balance between sustained fire and the need for careful shot placement. Its adaptability shines when players customize it with attachments like extended magazines, ensuring a sufficient ammo reserve for prolonged encounters.

In summary, the Dragunov in PUBG is a versatile marksman rifle, offering a mix of precision, adaptability, and a distinctive semi-automatic firing mode. While its damage at longer ranges may exhibit some variability, strategic attachments, and player skill can maximize its effectiveness in diverse combat situations.

Ammo 7.62
Damage 60
Availability Airdrop

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