Top 10 Tips and Tricks to win in last circle of BGMI

For winning in the last circle of BGMI and PUBG mobile and grab that chicken dinner first of all you must have some essential things and better loot and take advantage. Some must-have essential things for the last circle of BGMI are:

last circle of pubg

3-4 Smoke grenade, you must have at least 3 smoke grenade for making smoke wall cover.

last circle of pubg

2-3 Frag grenade, you must have at least 2 frag grenade which helps you a lot in last circle.

Better Scope, you must have 3x or 6x scope or a big scope for spotting enemy more easily and you must be better armed.

  1. No snake

First of all, never become a snake in the last circle of BGMI. This is the biggest mistake done by PUBG players Becoming snake is a one-way ticket to the lobby and a big noob mistake in PUBG.. This is the worst strategy in the endgame. Because you lying like a snake with very slow movement speed and you are spotted then there is no chance of escaping. So if you want to win in the last circle hold a good position where there is enough cover for you, and if you have a vehicle, move from a safe spot to an elevated place.

  1. Hold a good position

Always hold a good position in the last circle. Keep eyes on the kill feed and map and try to locate your enemy. If they are snakes then try to search them in the grass if you see anything weird and dark in the grass then fire at that thing. He might be an enemy. And if you have a sniper, scout your team looking around you and sense danger.

  1. Use car

You should always have a car in the last circle because there are many situations from which you can be saved using a car. For instance, from snakes. And it can even help you in spotting snakes and sometimes a car can be used as a cover while in an intense fight situation. But don’t use the car if more enemies are alive as they can even blow up your car. Or just expose your position.

  1. Get better armed

Always get better armed in the last circle of BGMI as most of the players have dropped weapons and you should also have. If you cant find drop weapons then at least keep the best weapon that you can handle and best combo that suits you best and better scope, you can use M416 with a 6x scope which is best for spraying, and also note that not all drop weapons are good some of them can give you some disadvantage like Aug-A3 which is similar to M416 but it has higher reload time.

  1. Get a higher position

In the last circle of BGMI always try to get a high ground advantage and find high ground. As it is very easy to spot snakes from high ground and also high ground provides you with a better sniping position. Also on high ground, you are also safe from snakes as while in the prone position, a player cannot look up. And if you spray from the higher ground then there is a greater chance of hitting headshot to the enemy if they are close to you. In PUBG Mobile sometimes the grass does not render in which players become snakes and they got spotted from high ground. And sniping is also easy from high ground.

  1. Use Zig-Zag movement

In the last circle of BGMI, if you are trying to get into the safe zone, there are three safe methods for it.

The first way is to move from cover to cover: this trick is helpful if there are too many trees in the region of the last circle. Use trees as a cover and throw a smoke grenade in the opposite direction of your movement to confuse your enemies.

The second tip is to become a snake and crawl. First of all, throw some smokes in your way. Then crawl safely to the safe zone stay towards the blue zone so that if the enemy fires in smoke, you will not get shot.

And the third way is to use the Zig-Zag movement. In this method do the same thing you do in the snake method. But this time runs in a zig-zag motion instead of crawling.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid

in PUBG you should never be afraid because if you are afraid you will die. And why should you be afraid of dying? after all it’s just a game. If you die start the next game if you die in the next game also then again start the next game. Every time, there will be a winner and a loser. If you keep dying then play a TDM. Then also you die than stop playing. Do something other and rest for some time and then play. Just don’t be scared and never camp. Just play a game like a game.

  1. Stay at the Edge of the zone

This tip is useful in the situation if you are holding a position in the safe zone. Then stay on the side of the blue zone. By this, you might not get shot from behind and you can focus on the enemy coming from your front. And if you stay in the direction of the blue zone then the teammates of the enemy team will not be able to flank and kill you.

  1. Heal battle Trick

Heal battle is a very intense and rare case in the last circle of BGMI. It situation occurs very rarely. If this situation occurs when you are playing squad or duo. Then ask your teammates to drop all their healings to one of the teammates ask him to move to the safety and let him do heal battle. And remaining teammates will attack enemies. This strategy works most of the time.

  1. Don’t do any mistakes.

And lastly don’t do any mistake of which enemy can take advantage. Like never or at least avoid exposing your position or keep patience in killing enemies. Always fire at them when they have no cover and take advantage of their mistake.

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