Top 10 best tips for beginners in PUBG MOBILE and BGMI


Ten tips and tricks for Beginners in PUBG. The Best tips is never become a snake, never camp and Never afraid. If you always play good, soon you will become pro Player in PUBG and PUBG Mobile. Here are the top tips and tricks for improving your gameplay.

10. Perfect gun combo Tips.

First tip is that always use a perfect gun combos which should help in all situations. It means that use a combo in which you have a gun for both medium range and close range. Like AKM+DP28, this is a best combo for beginners in PUBG. And never use useless combos like AKM+M762, because these guns are meant for close range and for medium range both guns are useless, so always choose two different guns for different ranges like M416+AKM. M4 for medium range and AKM for close range.

  1. M416 (5.56mm) + Kar98k (7.62mm):

    • The M416 offers versatility and stability for mid-range engagements.
    • The Kar98k serves as a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle for long-range precision shots.
  2. AKM (7.62mm) + Vector (9mm):

    • The AKM delivers high damage per shot, suitable for mid to close-range encounters.
    • The Vector, with its high firing rate, excels in close-quarters combat.
  3. SCAR-L (5.56mm) + UMP45 (9mm):

    • The SCAR-L provides accuracy and stability for mid-range engagements.
    • The UMP45 is a reliable SMG, ideal for close-range battles with manageable recoil.
  4. QBZ-95 (5.56mm) + SKS (7.62mm):

    • The QBZ-95 is a balanced assault rifle suitable for various distances.
    • The SKS serves as a semi-automatic sniper rifle, offering a compromise between speed and power.
  5. AUG A3 (5.56mm) + AWM (Magnum .300):

    • The AUG A3 is a powerful and versatile assault rifle.
    • The AWM, a bolt-action sniper rifle, is known for its high damage and ability to eliminate opponents with a single shot.
  6. Beryl M762 (7.62mm) + DP-28 (7.62mm):

    • The Beryl M762 packs a punch in terms of damage and is effective in close to mid-range combat.
    • The DP-28, a light machine gun, offers sustained fire and is useful for suppressing enemies in open areas.
  7. Vector (9mm) + M416 (5.56mm):

    • The Vector is perfect for close-quarters engagements with its high rate of fire.
    • The M416 complements it with stability for mid-range battles.
  8. AKM (7.62mm) + DP-28 (7.62mm):

    • The AKM is a hard-hitting assault rifle, excelling in mid to long-range engagements with its high damage per shot.
    • Paired with the DP-28, a light machine gun, this combination offers a deadly synergy. The DP-28’s sustained fire is ideal for suppressing enemies and holding positions in open areas, complementing the AKM’s precision.
  9. DBS (12 Gauge) + DP-28 (7.62mm):

    • The DBS, a double-barreled shotgun, is devastating at close range, making it perfect for intense indoor combat or surprise encounters.
    • Combining it with the DP-28 creates a versatile loadout. The DP-28 provides sustained fire for mid-range engagements, allowing for flexibility in various combat scenarios.
  10. M416 (5.56mm) + DP-28 (7.62mm):

    • The M416 is renowned for its balanced stats, offering accuracy and stability in mid-range combat.
    • Partnered with the DP-28, this combo combines versatility with sustained fire. The M416 can handle mid-range engagements, while the DP-28 provides suppressive fire and covers longer distances.
  11. MG3 (7.62mm) + M416 (5.56mm):

    • The MG3, a powerful light machine gun with an impressive rate of fire, is suitable for various combat situations.
    • Pairing it with the M416 creates a dynamic loadout. The M416 provides accuracy and stability for mid-range fights, while the MG3 offers devastating firepower, particularly in close-quarters battles. This combination caters to players who enjoy versatility and firepower.

9. Play as a team.

Many beginners in PUBG always lands at different places, away from their team and always dies early and sometimes they got scared and camp there. So by this they start camping. They always camp and become snake in last circle. Slowly they reaches higher tier by camping. They even don’t know how to win a 1 vs 1. So second tip is always play as a team and stay close to your teammate. And handle and deal all situation as a team. And you will realize how fun playing PUBG with team is.

7. Beginners should never become Snake until necessary.










In many teams in PUBG Mobile there always a player who whenever saw an enemy, becomes snake. They never help their team. They just become snake. And many people become snake in last circle. This is the worst strategy in the endgame. Because you are a snake and if a snake got spotted then there is no chance of surviving. So if you want to win in last circle hold a good position where there is enough cover for you, and if you have a vehicle, then drive it all over the circle, because its very easy to spot enemy from a car.

6. Beginners should never Camp Until necessary.

In PUBG many players camp in a house without any footsteps. And when an enemy arrives they kill them. This is not a way of playing as this methods works when only one enemy comes. Because when a team comes to hold a compound, campers have no chance of surviving. They can’t run away, they can’t fight them because they just knew only one thing camping. So best way is to rush other campers and kill them. If you rush other camper then your killing skills will also increase.

5. Stay Calm.

Do everything calmly. Don’t hurry, Always take advantage of enemy’s mistake. Even in 1 vs 4 situation always try to kill them one by one. Always wait for the perfect moment when they do some mistake. If you stay calm in every situation then you can handle all situation. Don’t hurry, don’t afraid and just play. Most important thing Never Camp and Never Become Snake.

4. Keep the car safe.

Whenever while holding a compound in solo or squad always keep the car safe. Many times if enemy can’t hurt you then they always tries to damage your car, so that you will unable to go in Safe zone. So keep the car away from enemy. Even when you park the car in the direction of enemy first try to save the car. Put a smoke grenade on it and then park it on other side. Then start fighting.

3. Beginners should never use a gun that you can’t handle.

Beginners in PUBG



For beginners in PUBG you should not use a gun which is difficult to handle. Means that if a player use unable to handle the recoil of M762 then you should not use it. Only use the gun that perfectly suit you. Like if you play better with M416 then always use m4 and if you cannot find it and use other gun. That’s why we said Always use a perfect gun combo that suits you. Like M416+AKM. So in absence of M4 you can play with AKM and take close range fights.

2. Practice Jiggle.

Usually, when beginners in PUBG shoots an enemy they either stand still or move in only one direction but You should always jiggle in close range situation. Jiggle is a strange movement that confuse the aim of enemy. And kill them easily. To do jiggle Practice in TDM. Decrease the size of your joystick and while firing always move the joystick left and right. Once mastered you will become very pro in close range. Play in the controls which suits you best. Like if you play good in 3 finger claw, play 3 finger. If you play better in thumb controls then play in thumb

1. Don’t be Afraid.

One last tip. Never afraid because if you afraid you will die so, why afraid because if you are just dying because you are just scared of enemy and dies so why to be scared. If you don’t afraid then you might do 1 vs 4 clutch. And also if you are scared then you also start camping. So never afraid of death. If you died then start next game, if you dies in next game also then again start next game. If you keep dying then play a TDM. Then also you dies then stop playing. Do something other and rest for sometime and then play. Just don’t scared and never camp. Just play a game like a game.

Bonus: Beginners in PUBG should never do rank push.

Never do rank push because by pushing rank you have to camp and camping is one way ticket to noobness. What you get from rank push? Nothing but a title of ace. But many people reach Conqueror tier with the K/D ratio of 0.8. They always lose in 1 vs 1 combat. They are scare of their enemy, whenever they saw enemy first thing they did is Become snake and then they got killed by enemy. So what is the use of that ACE or CONQUEROR title if you can’t even will a 1 vs 1?

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