How to control recoil in BGMI: Recoil Control 10 Tricks

Recoil controlling tricks in BGMI

While playing the popular battlegrounds game, so many players face difficulty in controlling the recoil and they are unable to enjoy the game. Today, we will discuss some tricks in order to control recoil in BGMI and PUBG.

How to control recoil in BGMI? Recoil Control

  1. Sensitivity

First of all, you have to find a better sensitivity in order to control recoil. Most people ask their friends, game mates about their sensitivity and copy them. But this decreases their recoil control. The best way to find your best sensitivity is to find it in training mode. After the 1.0 update, every player has his own private training room. To go in it first you have to go to cheer park then you will find a large AKM gun structure. Just go near it and tap the option for the training ground. Now you have come to the training ground.

recoil control

Now, just select your favorite gun like M416 which is best for learning recoil control. Then change the sensitivity to default. Now start spraying the 100 m target. While controlling recoil, if your aim moves upward increase your sensitivity. Or if your aim moves downwards, decrease your sensitivity. You will find the best sensitivity for you.

  1. Controls

Most people don’t know about this. But the controls by which you gameplay also affect the recoil control. Like if you play 3 finger or thumb controls, there would be ease in controlling recoil. Whereas if you play 4 finger claws or higher, it would be difficult to control recoil and requires some amount of more practice.  

  1. Guns

As we have said in the previous article on medium-range guns, everyone is not like scout and cannot control the recoil of heavy guns like Beryl or AKM. So you have to use a gun which is best for medium range. For example, M416 and DP28 are the two best guns for medium range. You can check out M416 vs DP28 here.

  1. Better go prone and Spray

As we all know, that there is a difference between prone spray and becoming a snake. When saw an enemy, but he doesn’t say you, it’s better to spray while in prone for better handling of the gun. As we all know that Prone + DP28+ 3x/6x = Laser. Similarly, the recoil of M416 decreases so much to a point. But not everyone.

  1. 3-4 bullet burst

This trick works when your enemy is farther the sprayable range. It is hard to kill them in the spray as the recoil of the gun increases with distance. So just fire 2-3 bullets once then stop for 1 second then again do the same. This will increase your accuracy and offers better handling.

  1. Learn Gyroscope for better handling

Every gyroscope player has very good spray and the gyroscope is not very hard to learn but it requires some amount of practice for using it in classic matches. So first practice gyroscope in TDM. While using a gyroscope you have to keep your hands stable.

  1. Crouch and fire

Crouch and fire also affect a lot in recoil control. And it is better than prone shoot as you have a greater chance of escaping than in prone.

  1. Practice

And the last trick is just to practice as practice makes the man perfect 😊

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