10 tips for Rank push in BGMI Mobile

Rank push in BGMI

PUBG tips and tricks for rank push. Rank Push in BGMI is a skill killing thing which kills your skills and makes your gameplay like campers. Check here 10 tips and tricks for rank push and the side effects of rank Push.

rank push in pubg

  1. Play safe and try to survive till last circle.

First tip is to land at safe place. During rank push in BGMI mobile always try to land at safe place where there is no chance of anyone to land even you can go to spawn Island. Try to survive till last circle for gaining more points.

  1. Stay close to Blue zone as much as possible.

Second tip for rank push in BGMI is to stay close to blue zone and take little damage and heal. This will increase your total taken damage and total health healed and help you for gaining more points. Also staying close to blue zone will avoid the fights.

  1. Avoid Squad fights.

During rank push in BGMI always try avoid squad fights in second or third circle because if you die during the fight, your rank might drop or you will just get 5 or 10 points. So always avoid gun fights. And if the zone is at Sosnovka Island then you need to cross bridge. So always move with a boat and from a safe place because boats can be blow up even in one mag of M416.

  1. Avoid Gun fights and Hot Drop.

During rank push in BGMI, never land on a hot drop even if you are a professional player because if you die early than definitely you will get 30- 40 rank drop which will take 2 matches to recover means you will need to waste your 1 hour in recovering the previous points and then your rank will increase.

  1. Do not push in Squad mode.

This is little confusing. But pushing in duo is easier than pushing in squad mode. Doing rank push in BGMI in squad mode is difficult because most of the players plays duo vs squad for rank push but in squad when squad rushes you, then you have only one chance of surviving is to fall back so better play in duo. And some time when you need to play with your friends in squad mode then also you have chance of rank drop so Rank pushing in duo is easier and better.

  1. Third Party and secure kills but wisely

While pushing rank always try to third party other squads but from far. Don’t go too close to them or they might kill you. So be careful and secure some kills by third party. Always try to kill knocked player and steal others kill.

  1. Camp but not over camp

During rank push camping is the best thing to do because seems much easier. But camping does not means that you become snake in grass or stay in a house without any footstep. But here camping basically means to hold a good compound and keep eyes on everything. If someone attacks your compound then try to fall back or if you cannot fall back then at least try to kill one or two of them and secure your kills because being prone in open is very prone to death.

  1. Use vehicle only when necessary.

During rank push better not to use vehicle as much as possible because vehicle is a key to exposing yourself. Using vehicle till 4-5 zone is better but after this better to leave your car behind as it attract others focus and also expose you. Use vehicle only if one enemy is remaining and you thinks that he has become snake. At that time you will more safe in car rather than without car.

  1. Kill bot as much as possible.

So next tip is to kill bots as many as possible. Killing bots increase your kills and you will gain more points.

  1. Select a better teammate.

Last tip is to select a good teammate who is good player and will give you all his kills to you and help to deal any situation.


Side effects of Rank Push in BGMI.

  1. Your Camping skills will increase.

By doing rank push in BGMI  your camping skill will increase and you will better camping during class mode. Your gameplay pattern will change and you will always camp in intense situation. You will afraid of death and always try to save points and avoid rank drop.

  1. Your Aim will spoil

After rank Push you will found some difficulty in killing enemies. As your aim is spoiled then you will struggle to kill peoples. This will also force you to camp. So better play a TDM match before starting classic match and in last before you stops playing, during rank push.

  1. Your game sense and decision making skill in improve. You will able to lead your team. Your zone prediction will also improve improving your game strategy and improve your gameplay. Your teamwork skill will decrease and you will always try to stay away from enemy and keep safe.
  2. You will have difficulty in early stage Gun fights. As you will not land in hot drop during rank push so your landing skills and landing spot will change. As for winning gun fights you need to find guns but as your landing skills are also spoiled then you will not land according to loot density of that place.
  3. So basically rank push will spoil your gameplay and fun. So better not to do rank push because the only thing you will get is an ace tag or a conqueror tag and nothing else. But it’s value is nothing. Better to push your K/D and always land hot drop. If you die play next game doesn’t care about your rank.
  4. And lastly better start rank push in early season because in mid-season and end season, most of the players are hackers and it will become impossible to get conqueror tag, so if you push rank during early season you might get conqueror tag even in ACE league. So for now go and PUSH YOUR RANK and kill you gameplay skills.

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