AKM vs Groza: The Best vs the beast

Which gun is better? AKM vs Groza There are lots of people who ask that should they pick up Groza from Airdrop over their AKM or not and AKM vs …

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M416 vs Aug: The biggest PUBG guns battle

M416 vs AUG

The two best guns for spraying in PUBG, these two guns are famous for their low recoil spray and their stability. Although we know that, M416 and AUG are identical …

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Top 5 powerful Assault Rifles in BGMI and PUBG

Assault Rifles in BGMI

Assault Rifles in BGMI M416- Best Assault rifles in BGMI The M416 is one of the best guns in PUBG.  This is the most commonly found Assault rifles in BGMI …

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