AKM vs M762: Which is the best gun for close range?

 AKM vs M762.

This is the most asked question related to Damage vs DPS. As these two guns are best for close range and most of the player are confused which gun should they use for close range.


 AKM vs M762


Stats. AKM M762
Ammo 7.62 mm 7.62
Damage(Single Tap) 49 46
Rate of fire 0.100 .86
Damage Per Second 490 532
Availability World Spawn World Spawn

AKM vs M762


AKM M762
AKM is a beast gun in PUBG. The gun uses 7.62mm of ammo and is one the best gun for close range. The most used gun by Experienced PUBG players for close range. The gun uses 7.62 of ammo and has the base damage of 47
The Gun has highest damage per bullet in AR which is similar to Groza (49). With the rate of fire similar to M416 the gun has very high Damage per second.
AKM has High recoil and Less Stability but Easy to control in close range The gun has very high recoil, low stability, and many attachments are required to use this gun perfectly
This gun is like a punches of a giant man with low rate but high damage. A Suppressor and a red dot sight is best for close range use. Unlike AKM this gun has slightly lower single bullet recoil but very high rate of fire makes the recoil little bit uncontrollable especially for new players.

AKM vs M762 

Iron Sight

AKM Beryl M762
This gun has the best iron sight. Many experienced players use it without any sight or scope.

This gun has the worst iron sight in all guns.

akm vs beryl

Stats Chart.

akm vs beryl

Pros & Cons: AKM vs M762


AKM has highest damage in all Guns.
It is easy to control as compared to M762
It does not require much attachments to work better.
The spawn rate of gun is high and can be found easily anywhere easily.

The DPS of AKM is low. Even lower than M416.
No Attachment equip-ability.


M762 has the highest DPS in all World spawning guns.
It can knock anyone very quickly that he will not get a chance of even damaging you.
Works well while ADS.

Recoil is a bit harder to control.
Requires many attachments to work well.
Annoying Gun sound.
High Hip Fire spread


Both guns are equally better and beast for close range. But M762 has higher DPS with less stability so it is better while using in ADS and AKM is better without using ADS in close range.

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