M416 vs DP28: Which gun is best for Medium Range

M416 vs DP28

There are a lot of players in PUBG (BGMI in India), who play the game daily. And a lot of players have the role of an Assaulter and they need to deal with the players at the medium range. Although there are some players who can use any type of gun at medium range, still there is no better gun other than M416 and DP28 for medium-range spraying. So, in this post, we will be comparing these two popular guns. And the end of the comparison, we will get to know which gun is better. And which is the best gun for medium-range.

M416 vs Dp28

M416 is the overall highest scoring gun. M416 is a gun that can be used in every range. It has low recoil, very good handling, and very high stability. But here, we are talking about medium-range and here, M416 requires so many attachments to work better. To get the maximum potential advantage at the medium range, we need perfect attachments like Compensator, Half Grip, and Tactical Stock. 

On the other hand, DP28 is the gun that is popularly known as Laser. It is known to have zero recoil. And with the advantage of a Dipod, you can easily spray with the gun. DP28 does not require any attachment to help improve stability or recoil control.

DP28 has a very low Rate of Fire and high damage, M416 on the other hand has a high rate of fire and low damage. DP28 Deals the damage of 51 to the enemy on a single hit while M416 deals the damage of 43 on a single hit.

Let’s see the deal comparison here.

M416 DP28
M416 has the base damage of 43 DP28 is so far ahead of M4 with the base damage of 51
It uses 5.56 of Ammo It takes the round of 7.62 Ammo
With the High Rate of Fire, the Damage Per Second of M416 is 502 DP28 has a very low rate of fire and achieve the Damage Per Second of 453
It requires many attachments like Compensator, Half Grip, and Stock to gain maximum performance. DP28 does not have any attachment slot. It does not requires any attachment. 

M416 vs DP28: Stats

Features DP-28 M416
Ammo 7.62 5.56
Base Damage 51 41
Rate of Fire .109 .086
DPS 468 502
Availability World Spawn World Spawn
Range Medium, Long Close, Medium


M416 vs DP28: Detail Comparison

Iron Sight Comparision: M416 vs DP28

Both guns have decent iron sights.

m416 vs dp28

So which gun should you use- DP28 or M416.

This is the biggest question by most of the PUBG Mobile players especially. What to use DP28 with low DPS or M416 with higher DPS. So the answer is- both guns work well in a different situations. Let’s consider two different situations for the medium range:

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If someone is running in open– In this situation, it is better to use DP28 as here if someone is running, you can hit someone continuously or it is difficult. So if you use DP28, it has higher damage and you are not hitting bullets continuously so bullets of DP will do more damage and the enemy will knock faster than M416.

If someone is stable in medium-range– In this situation, M416 is a better option than if someone is sitting or standing. You have to knock him quickly so that he may not get cover. So in this situation, a gun with higher DPS will be better helpful

Detailed Description: M416 vs Dp28


The M416 is one of the best guns in PUBG.  This is the most commonly found Assault rifle which is found in all Five Maps in PUBG MOBILE and PUBG. The gun is mostly known for its handling and stability with a high rate of fire and is best for long sprays. It uses 5.56mm of ammo with 30 rounds extendable to 40 rounds. M416 has a Higher Rate of Fire than Scar-L with Better stability. An M416 equipped with a compensator, 6x scope converted to 3x, a vertical foregrip, and stock is one of the most deadly weapons in the medium range.

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The gun can be used in close range. With the Damage per second of 502, this gun offers a higher DPS than AKM and With Low level of damage reduction with distance. This gun can also be used for long-distance because of its low single tap recoil. That’s why this is the best gun in PUBG that can be used at all range.


DP28 is the most famous gun in PUBG Mobile. Many players call it OP28. It is mainly known for its zero recoils. DP28 is the highest damage in any non-airdrop weapons (51) but with a low rate of fire. That low rate of fire makes it stable and easy to control recoil. With the Damage per second of 453, that is kinda low for close range but perfect for medium range. This gun offers a higher control for a higher range rather than M416.


Even after comparing these two guns, the result is inconclusive and it is hard to say which gun is the best. But if we talk only about the medium range, then DP28 is the best gun. But if we talk about overall scores, M416 is the best gun. You can use it at both medium-range and close range. With a decent amount of practice and experience, it is easy to spray with M416. So the Final Answer to the question: Which is the best gun for medium range? The answer is: M416.

Now you know which gun has which use and what is the difference between M416 and DP and who won the match of M416 vs DP28. Basically, both are winners. You just need to choose your favorite gun and which gun you can handle.


M416 vs Scar-L.

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