Top ten tips for winning close range fights in PUBG

Here are the top ten tips and tricks for winning every close range fights. Every tip has its own benefit and its own disadvantage. But using the tips in correct way will always give you some benefit in close range fights.

1. Perfect Gun Selection for close range

First tip is to select which gun you are using for close range. Every gun in PUBG can kill enemy but that does not mean that you can kill a player who has GROZA and you have UMP45. First choose which gun is best for close range and which gun is best for you. First of all choose which gun is best for close range and which gun you can handle. Check out Top Ten Guns for close range .

2. Changing Position

Second tip is to change position. While fighting a squad in close range, if you are in a house and firing them, then don’t shoot again and again from same window. Change the floor of house or at least change the window because sometimes enemy might do pre-fire on that window and you can get knocked as well. And if you are outside house or using a tree as a cover, each time when you peek, change your direction it means, one time peek from the left and then peek from the right.


3. Headshot Mentality

Third tip is Headshot Mentality. Most of the time when a player shoots an enemy, they mostly shoots on their vest. But if you shoot at enemy’s head he will get knock too quickly as there is much difference between the damage done by body shot and headshot. So always try to hit on enemy’s head. This will give you the advantage as enemy will knock quickly and your health will drop very less.

4. Drop shot

So our fourth tip is Drop shot. When you are in a close range 1 v 1 fight, most of the time enemy put the aim on your head or your vest, so by laying down suddenly will disrupt the aim of the enemy and you can kill them easily, but Drop shot requires some practice because while lying down your aim also got disrupted, and to recover the aim quickly you will require some practice. Also Drop shot will not work some time as enemy recovers his aim quickly then he will hit all the bullets in your head giving him an advantage

5. Jiggle Jiggle

Our next tip is to jiggle while shooting in close range. Jiggle is a strange movement that confuse the aim of enemy, and kill them easily. To do jiggle you will need to practice in TDM. Decrease the size of your joystick and while firing, always move the joystick left and right. Once mastered, you will become very pro in close range. But moving the joystick too quickly doesn’t means jiggle. It is just like you are standing still and enemy can kill you easily.

6. Taking TPP.

Taking TPP is a good strategy in close range. Sometimes while in a close range fight, when enemies are rushing towards you, take TPP and take the advantage of perfect timing. Wait for the moment and surprise the enemy by quickly coming out of the cover and killing them. When enemies are rushing in open, always wait for the enemy to reach the point where they can’t find any cover then shoot to kill them easily. But taking too much TPP is also useless.

7. Crouch and Fire.

The next tip is crouch and fire. When you try to do different types of movements, always in a close range 1 vs. 1 position, one of them is crouch and fire. You have to crouch while firing. It helps when enemy is aiming towards your head, so by crouching he will miss some of the bullets giving you an advantage. But crouch and fire doesn’t always work, in case when an enemy who was hitting you on the vest but you crouches in front of him, by this bullets that were supposed to hit your vest will now hit your head giving him an advantage.

8. Pre-Fire

Now Pre-fire. Pre-Fire is a tactic which is very useful to defeat an enemy who is taking TPP. While rushing enemy, when you estimates the position of enemy or you see that enemy was taking TPP at that point starts firing even before you see enemy. By chance if enemy peeks from there you will already hit some bullets to him giving you an advantage. Same thing applies to house, when you sees an enemy who keeps peeking from same window, do pre-fire on that window to kill him.

9. Know which gun enemy is Using

While taking fights you must know how well the enemies are armed. Use your sound sense to know which gun they are using. And keep yourself mentally ready. If you hear the sound of big heavy guns like GROZA, MK14 or M249 you will need to kill them by taking advantage of TPP and if you are in a 1vs 1 situation, try to do different movements like crouch, jiggle, jump, drop shot.

10. Jump and shoot

And the last tip is Jump and shoot. While rushing an enemy who is taking TPP always rush him using Jump and Shoot and Pre-Fire. Jump and shoots is a tactics which always works. Imagine you are rushing an enemy who is taking TPP. You rushes him by Jump and Shoot, if the enemy was aiming at your vest will hit the bullets at your legs or if he was trying to hit at your head then his bullets will hit your vest instead of head. And also jump makes your aim towards enemy’s head again giving you advantage.

Bonus: Take advantage of enemy’s Mistake.

While in a 1 vs 1 close combat always try to take advantage of enemy’s mistake. This will help you in many situation. Like if enemy uses drop shot, quickly jump in any direction and kill him with the help of jiggle.

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