DP28 PUBG: The gun with zero recoil

DP28 PUBG¹ is the most famous gun in PUBG Mobile. It is mainly known for its zero recoils. DP28 PUBG Gun has the highest damage in any non-airdrop weapons (51) but with a low rate of fire. That low rate of fire makes it stable and easy to control recoil. With the Damage per second of 453, that is kinda low for close range but perfect for medium range. This gun offers a higher control for a higher range rather than M416.

Today we are going to check all the features and best attachments for the DP28 PUBG Gun like base damage, rate of fire, and the calculated Damage per second of this DP28 PUBG gun. We will find out what are the best situations to use DP 28² and which scope is the best for this gun. Let’s Began with the Basic stats of the gun.

Basic Stats of DP28 PUBG

DP 28 offers the base damage of 51 which is the highest gun a non-airdrop automatic gun can offer in the battle Royale game. Although the damage of DP28 PUBG gun is high even though, it is not that good for close-range fights because the rate of fire of DP28 PUBG Gun is very low as compared to other guns like M416 and AKM or M762. Due to the low rate of fire, the damage per second of DP28 PUBG Gun is very low for a close-range that is only 468.

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So in case you are stuck in a close-rance situation with DP 28, always go for the headshot and your enemy will be knocked within 2-3 bullets only. But if you use this gun with the correct scope and at medium to long-range, your target will have no chance to escape.

Features DP-28
Ammo 7.62
Base Damage 51
Rate of Fire .109
DPS 468
Availability World Spawn
Range Medium, Long
This gun also has a decent Iron Sight at least you will not face any problem in eliminating the enemies with the iron sight of DP.


Best Attachments for DP28 PUBG Gun

This isn’t a joke, DP 28 too requires an attachment to work perfectly. I am talking about the scope. For medium to long-range, there are three scopes that are 3x, 4x, and 6x. On DP 28 for medium-range spray, I will recommend 3x scope and 6x converted to 3x scope. For long-range 4x scope and 6x scope fully zoomed would be best but as we know the recoil will be harder to control. So using DP 28 with a 6x scope will work much better if you use 2-3 bullets burst rather than spraying the whole magazine. In case you feel safe you can go prone and use the dipod on DP28 PUBG gun.

Best Guns to use with DP 28

In PUBG, you can equip 2 Heavy guns and a handgun. In order to win the game, you need to keep one higher range gun and one short-range gun. Not everyone is perfect at sniping and specifically in PUBG Mobile where most players used to spray rather than sniping.

There are two guns that most players use for higher range -DP 28 and M416. As we are talking about DP 28 in this post so let’s talk about the best combo to use with DP 28.

DP 28+ AKM/M762

This is the most powerful combo in all ranges. As AKM and Beryl both are beast in close range and DP28 is beast in Medium range and Long-range. DP28 has very low recoil. Low rate of fire, low recoil, and high damage make the gun perfect for medium-range and long-range. The only attachment needed in DP is a scope and that’s it. And for AKM: compensator, a red dot/ holographic sight and if you want to use M762 instead of AKM then for Beryl M762: compensator, Vertical ForeGrip, Red Dot Sight are best.

DP 28+M249 Saw

This combo is best for Car Fights. The combination of DP28 with M249 means a player has no need to reload again and again. M249 for close range and DP28 for medium range. Main Attachments are a red dot sight for M249 and a Scope for DP.

DP 28+ M416

M416 and DP28 are the easiest to handle combo in PUBG. Because both guns have low recoil so these guns are best for a backline assaulter whose task is to eliminate the enemy at medium range. As M416 can also be used in the close-range this does not give a disadvantage in close range against beryl and AKM. Main Attachments are a Scope for DP and for M416 6x (converted to 3x) or a 3x scope, Half Grip, Tactical Stock, Compensator and a Red dot sight.


I think we have covered all the things related to DP 28. It is one of the best guns in PUBG until they will not buff the gun. Check out the comparison of DP 28 with M416: M416 vs DP28: Which gun is best for Medium Range

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