Among us tips: Top 10 Best Tips and tricks for Among us

  1. Camera blinking

Best Among us Tips is to check the cameras. Whenever someone is watching security cameras a red light starts blinking, it represents that cameras are on. So while moving near cameras watch out for the red light in the camera before finishing someone.

Among us tips

  1. Hide behind other crewmates

When you are a crewmate, ask other crewmates to gather and align themself over each other making them invisible. And when an imposter arrives he thinks only one player is there doing some task and he finishes him. It would be a heart attack giving moment.

  1. Invisible Name

For making the name invisible, just copy and paste the following text in your in-game name and see the magic.

“ㅤ”  (Don’t copy inverted commas)

Now you can confuse other players and if you are playing the Polus map, you can hide behind the large structure in the Balcony.

Best Among us tips and tricks

  1. Venting tricks

Always hide in the vent after killing someone. And move away from there so that you can tell others while discussing that you were away from the place where the dead body was reported.

  1. Kill when many people gather and do tasks together.

When you sabotage, many people gather so that they can fix the sabotage quickly. Take advantage of that. When many people are doing some task together, killing one of the other will get confused and will not be able to figure out who killed.

  1. Sabotage and fix it with crewmate

When you sabotage and have a kill cooldown, always fix the sabotage yourself. This will increase the trust of other crewmates in you. Also, you can finish someone if so many people are gathered at one place.

  1. Use security cameras

This trick is pretty awesome, when you are an imposter, you can just sit at security cameras. When other crewmates comes, they will think that you are not an imposter and will trust you.

  1. Sacrifice your teammate imposter.

This seems kinda sus. But this is a very good trick. When someone sus you, you can call for an emergency meeting and accuse your teammate of an imposter. In this way, you can win the trust of other crewmates and take you to victory.

  1. Always stay with a crewmate.

When you are an imposter, always stay with a crewmate and don’t act weird just act like you are a crewmate and you trust the crewmate you are staying with.

  1. Doors

When someone saw you killing other crewmates or venting and runs towards the emergency table, just close the door and trap them giving you the advantage of recovering from kill cooldown.

  1. Do visual tasks while in the presence of a crewmate

When you are doing a visual task like med bay scan or clear asteroids. Wait for a crewmate to come then start doing tasks. In this way, the other crewmate will be sure that you are not an imposter and will defend you if others accuses you.

among us tips med bay scan

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