How to play Among us: Among us Top 10 Tricks

Best Tips and Tricks to Play Among US

How to play Among us.

First of all, we need to know about the game.

About Among us

Among us is a game designed and developed by Innersloth Games. The game was developed 1 year ago but has suddenly gained a lot of trend after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India when major streamers like Mortal starts playing it. Many people called it an addicted game. But game is very casual and easy to play.

What’s in the game?

There are 10 players astronauts out of which, some are imposter in the spaceship who are aliens. Their task is to kill all crewmate players and interrupt them while doing task. The alien imposter has to kill all crewmates, sabotage or accuse crewmate for winning. Crewmates on the other hand, have to complete the entire task and at the same time they had to find the imposter who is in the disguise of a crewmate. Imposter cannot do actual task but they can just act like they are doing task and they are crewmate. There are 3 different maps, Skeld, MiraHQ and Polus


The imposter has to interrupt the crewmate while doing task and kill them without being exposed. They can be 1, 2, and 3 in one match. Imposter can use vents to quickly travel around the map. And they have a special power called Sabotage. By this they can close the door or any place and also they can give emergency task to crewmates.


Vents are connected to each other. Below is given all vents path.

how to play among us


Sabotage is the another special power given to imposter. Here is the use of all sabotage features.

how to play among us


Crewmates have to do several tasks and at the same time, they had to find the imposter. They have many tasks like fixing wire, cleaning spaceship, swiping card or starting reactor. There are two types of task visual task and non-visual task.

We can see the Visual task of other crewmates. We can use them for security. If you saw someone doing this task you can trust them.

Non-visual task like fixing wire, you can’t see them doing task. If you saw someone doing this type of task don’t trust him as he might be an imposter who is pretending like he is doing task.


Imposter: Souls of imposter can sabotage if there are two or more imposter but they cannot kill any crewmates.

Crewmate Souls: Souls of crewmate can finish the remaining task and lead the path to victory. They cannot do any emergency task.  Also, dead crewmates and imposters cannot chat but they can chat with each other.

And that’s it in How to play Among us. the game is very easy to play if you know to accuse properly.

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