Vehicle in PUBG: All Vehicles present in the game.

Vehicles in PUBG are the most important thing which makes the game more better and fun to play. Here is the list of Vehicle present in the game.

  1. UAZ:
  • Open Top UAZ

vehicle in pubg

The OpenTop UAZ is the worst vehicle in PUBG. Most of the players don’t use it because it provides no protection and if someone fires at the car, most of the shots hit are headshot resulting in a direct kill. But at the same time, the acceleration of Open top UAZ is higher than other UAZ. Its highest speed with boost is 130 km/h and with normal, its speed is 110 km/h. And the number of seats in the car is 4

  • Leather Top UAZ

Leather top UAZ is an average vehicle with everything fine in it. It provides enough protection and is a very good vehicle. the only deficiency of this UAZ is lower health than Other UAZ. Other things are similar to previous UAZs like speed. And the number of seats in the car is 4

  • Closed Top UAZ

This is the best UAZ in PUBG also the best vehicle in PUBG. The metal top provides enough protection and also the health of the car is higher than other UAVs. The highest speed of the car at boost is 135 km/h and without boost, it is 110 km/h. This is best for crossing bridges and in the last circle. Although, Metal Top UAZ and Leather top UAZ are almost identical. And the number of seats in the car is 4.

  1. Sedan
  • Dacia

An old car but pretty good and effective for moving from one place to another. The car has average health and speed. Sometimes by a glitch, it cannot protect your head even having a roof. The boosted speed of the car is 125 km/h and the speed without boost is 100 k/h. the seating capacity of the car is 4 players.

  • Open Top Mirado

Mirados are Miramar exclusive vehicle. Mirado is the fastest vehicle of PUBG. As speed is the advantage of Mirado, it has very low health which makes it explode very quickly. The main problem with open top mirado is similar to Open top UAZ. also it explode very quickly as its health is very low. The boosted speed of the car is 160 km/h and without boost, its speed is 140 km/h.

  • Closed Top Mirado

This Mirado is similar to Other Mirado. The only difference is the roof. It also has very low health which makes it explode very quickly. The boosted speed of the car is 160 km/h and without boost, its speed is 140 km/h.

  • Golden Mirado

Golden Mirado is the rarest car in PUBG. It spawns only one on the whole map of Miramar. It spawns in the garage of Hacienda-Del Patreon. Golden Mirado is similar to OpenTop Mirado.

  • Coupe RB

Coupe RB is poised to debut in PUBG patch 10.2

Coupe RB is the fastest vehicle spawned in the most popular PUBG Map Erangel. Although this vehicle is fast, it flips very quickly so be careful. But it is very convenient for roads and for rough areas, use UAZ.

  1. Bikes


  • Bike: The bike is the second-fastest vehicle in PUBG. The bike runs extremely fast and it is impossible to chase a player in erangel who is traveling on a Bike. Also, you can perform some awesome stunts with bikes but remember don’t fall down from it. The speed of the bike is 150 km/h.
  • Bike with Side-Car

This is what we call a useless vehicle. the only use for this vehicle in PUBG is to provide mobility. You can just travel to safe zone with 3 players if there is no car. The highest speed of this bike is 100 km/h. And it can flip very easily so don’t try to do stunt with this bike or you will see your crate.

  • Scoote0


This is a Sanhok exclusive vehicle which is very slow. The speed of this vehicle in PUBG is 60 km/h.

  • Dirt Bike

  1. Snow
  • Snow Mobile

These are only available in vikendi and useful for travelling on Snow.

  • Snow Bike

Similar to Snow Mobile but it has very low health.

  • ZIMA

It is an Vikendi exclusive car which is replacement of UAZ. It is a good vehicle but it flip pretty quickly.

  1. Buggy: Different Maps have different types of Buggy. The only difference is of design and color. All buggy have similar stats and have 120 km/h speed and has seating capacity of 2.

  1. Others
  • BRDM-2

BRDM is a rare vehicle which is a useless but only helpful if there is some helplessness. And you have no chance of using Flare gun in Safe Zone. Or you have excess of Flare gun. It has the highest health and very slow speed. Its boosted speed is 100 km/h and its normal speed is 70km/h. Also, it can travel in water with boosted speed of 35 km/h and normal speed of 20 km/h.

  • Tukshai

It is an Sanhok exclusive vehicle. Remember, All sanhok vehicles are useless. So always try to move by foot.

  • Mini BUS

Mini Bus is an Miramar Exclusive vehicle which is very good vehicle. Its seating capacity is 6.

  • PG-117

It’s the boat which is good for travelling from Sosnovka Island to Other side of Erangel or vice versa. Otherwise its useless.

  • Jet ski

A water vehicle which flips very easily.

  • Gliders are the best vehicle in PUBG. They are available in all PUBG PC maps and are very fun to use. Its seating capacity is 2 also you can shoot while in air. The best thing about glider is that even if it explode in air, you will not get killed by explosion only the engine stalls.
  • PickUp Trucks(Open/Close)

These are available only in Miramar and are good in climbing high rocks and Mountain. They have good grips in tire which make them turn so quickly so be careful while driving as if you turn more it can flip.

  • Rony

This is a Sanhok exclusive Vehicle which is also a useless vehicle. The speed is very slow and health is very less. Its turning power is high so it can also flip. Its an pickup truck so if your teammate sits at back tell them to be careful as they can get shot.

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