Season 16 Leaks of PUBG Mobile.

Season 16 leaks of PUBG Mobile: After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, everyone was thinking of many things about the game. But even after the ban of PUBG Mobile, the game is still working fine and is playable and accessible to all PUBG Players in India. But now is it seems that game will return soon and also new season is arriving soon with many new strange things like brand new Metero Royale mode and zombie mode with 3 new maps and new things like sea monster and Dragons in the new Metero Royale mode. Plus a new season. Season 16 of PUBG Mobile looks awesome by looking at its some outfits. Right now only Tier Rewards have been leaked. Here is the leaks.

  1. Season 16 Leaks: Main Icon Screen:
Season 16 leaks 2. Season 16 Leaks: Gold Outfit: This outfit will be given if a player come in top 10 five times, while playing in Gold tier or above

Season 16 leaks


3. Season 16 Leaks: Platinum Mask: This outfit will be given if a player plays 5 Matches in Platinum or above.

Season 16 leaks

4. Season 16 Leaks: Diamond Thompson SMG Skin. For getting this OP Skin, a player needs to play five matches while on Diamond Tier or Above.

Season 16 leaks

5. Season 16 Ace Parachute: For getting this Parachute, you will need to play Five matches in Ace Tier.

6. Season 16 Conqueror Frame: You will instantly get the Conqueror frame if you reaches Conqueror tier.

Leaks Credits: Lucky Man

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Release date of Season 16:

As we all know that season 15 will come to end on 15 November 2020. We can expect that the Season 16 of PUBG will release on 17 November 2020. Still, the official date is not confirmed this is just an Expectations as previous season 15 was began on 16 September 2020. And season 14 was ended on 14 September means two days before the beginning of next season.