Damage vs DPS: 3 Definitive Difference between Damage and DPS in PUBG

Base Damage vs DPS in PUBG

On Many Websites and apps, you might have seen two words called Damage and DPS (damage per second). So what is the difference between them? Do guns that have more damage are better or guns with high DPS are better. Let’s get to know in this article.


Damage refers to the amount of health a gun will take on hitting one bullet on the chest without any armor. For example, AKM has a base damage of 49. It means, on hitting its one bullet on the chest, 49% health will decrease out of 100% health it means it will drop 49 HP. In other words, you can knock a player with 2/3 bullets of AKM.


DPS refers to the amount of damage done by a gun in a second if it runs fully automatic. DPS of a gun depends of the rate of fire on the gun. Like UZI has a base damage of 26 and the DPS of 526 as UZI has the highest rate of fire. And the damage of AKM is 49 and its rate of Fire is 0.100. it means it has a DPS of 490.

So the DPS of UZI is more than the DPS of AKM. It means if we fire UZI and AKM on two-person respectively. (Note: Both players are equipped with the same armor.) here UZI will knock the player faster because of Higher DPS. The same thing applies to M416 and other guns. This is the reason why we call GROZA the best gun in PUBG as it has the highest DPS in all guns.

So which gun should you use- Higher Damage or Higher DPS: Damage vs DPS

This is the biggest question by most of the PUBG Mobile players especially. What to use DP28 with low DPS or M416 with higher DPS. So the answer is- both guns work well in a different situation. Let’s consider two different situations for the medium range:

  1. If someone is running in open- In this situation, it is better to use DP28 as here if someone is running, you can hit someone continuously or it is difficult. So if you use DP28, it has higher damage and you are not hitting bullets continuously so bullets of DP will do more damage and the enemy will knock faster than M416.
  2. If someone is stable in medium-range- In this situation, M416 is a better option as if someone is sitting or standing. You have to knock him quickly so that he may not get cover. So in this situation, a gun with higher DPS will be better helpful.

Beryl M762 vs AKM in context of Damage vs DPS

This is the second question related to Damage vs DPS. As these two guns are best for close range and most of the players are confused about which gun should they use for close range. The answer is: both guns are equally better and beast for close range. But beryl has higher DPS with less stability so it is better while using in ADS and AKM is better without using ADS in close range. So both guns are best. But if you find M249 or GROZA, better to replace them.

Now you know which gun has which use and what is the difference between Damage and DPS and who won the match of Damage vs DPS. Basically, both are winners. You just need to choose your favorite gun and which gun you can handle.