PUBG Mobile BETA 1.2 update released. How to download

The BETA Version of PUBG Mobile has been released. There some new features including brand new Extreme Hunting mode. In this mode, there are lots of new weapon, and a extremely powerful Weapon suit that has lots of Powers like flying and fire rockets. Like Iron man. But for downloading system of PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2 is different from previous Beta series. This time a player will required to input a code that would be generated from their Account of Global version. 

Warning: Indian users should not attempt download and Login to Beta version. This can get your global account to be banned. 

If you still want to download.

  1. First of all, Download PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2. Click here.
  2. The download size of APK is 625 MB. Before downloading, make sure that you have enough storage in your device.
  3. After downloading, Install the APK.
  4. Open the APK. Now game will ask to download more data that will around 600 MB.
  5. After update, Select login by Guest. Now, a dialog box will appear that would ask for the invitation code.

  6. Enter your invitation code and click the button.
  7. All set enjoy your beta version.

For Getting Invitation code, Follow the steps below.

PUBG Mobile Beta


  1. Open PUBG Mobile Beta and click on the orange button written in Korean.
  2. A page will open asking to login. Click on login botton.
    PUBG Mobile Beta
  3. A prompt option will ask. Select PUBG Mobile from list.
  4. PUBG Mobile will open go to event section and open Test server.
  5. Click on the generate code button.
    PUBG Mobile Beta
  6. Enter the generated code in the Beta version of PUBG Mobile.

(Warning: By doing this, you are binding your Account of Beta version with your original account. Any violation of Terms and Condition will result in the Temporary ban of your account or you account may be Penalized)

PUBG Mobile Indian version to be directly launched on official website.

All version of PUBG Mobile: Countries that have their own PUBG Mobile.

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