PUBG India: India will be 5th to get a separate PUBG Mobile.

PUBG India: After the ban of PUBG Mobile India, PUBG Corp announce that a separate PUBG Mobile for Indian user will be released soon. PUBG Mobile India will be the fifth PUBG Mobile version. Before Indian version, there were 4 more PUBG version.

PUBG Mobile Kr/Japnese:
This is also known as Korean Version of PUBG Mobile. This game is specifically designed for the user in Korea.

PUBG Mobile Taiwan:
Also called PUBG Mobile TW is the official varient of PUBG Mobile specially designed for users in Taiwan.

Chinese PUBG Mobile:
Originally known as Game for Peace. This is the official and the First version of PUBG on Mobile. Earlier, the game was PUBG Mobile CN.


PUBG Mobile is yet to receive Permission from MEITY to make a comeback. Earlier it was said that PUBG Mobile do not have permission to operate in India and it waiting for the approval of MEITY and several rumors flew out that PUBG MOBILE  will launch during mid- December or PUBG MOBILE INDIA Official will directly available on its website and even some people said BETA version of PUBG MOBILE has been released. Right now there is no confirmation and everything is fake and everyone need to wait for Company’s update. Kindly do not trust these rumors. All the official information will be given on PUBG Mobile India official Website.

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After the long wait, PUBG Mobile was set to come back on  Diwali. But after somedays, it was said that for some reasons, PUBG Mobile Indian Release was Delayed and game will be released on 20 November 2020. Even though, it was also delayed and some rumors again Spread regarding PUBG Mobile comeback. Like the game will return on 26 November or any other date. Right now it is said that PUBG Mobile will be released in India in during Mid-December.

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