Top 10 best gaming keyboard under 1000.

gaming keyboard under 1000

Are you looking for a gaming keyboard under 1000? Are you confused about which keyboard should you buy. Whether a membrane keyboard or a mechanical one. So today I’ll clear …

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Top 10 best gaming laptop under 70000


Today we are going to check some powerful laptops under 70000. If you are looking for a gaming laptop under 70000 and which is packed with power and battery and …

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DP28 PUBG: The gun with zero recoil

dp gun

DP28 PUBG¹ is the most famous gun in PUBG Mobile. It is mainly known for its zero recoils. DP28 PUBG Gun has the highest damage in any non-airdrop weapons (51) but …

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Top 10 Best games for low end pc

best games for low end pc

Wanna play some high graphics games? Are you really wanted to play some high-end games and experience them? Then you have come to the right place. Today we are going …

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