GTA San Andreas Secret, Tips and Tricks

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas still being one of the best PC open-world games. Still, in 2020, GTA San Andreas (Called GTA SA) stands first in GTA games for pc. Even though it was released in 2004, still most people still play it. Everyone knows, GTA San Andreas was the best game of its time. Although, The graphics of the game is like the game of its time. But the GTA SA is still fun to play. Also, GTA San Andreas was the first game by Rockstar game that features a black man as a Protagonist.

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GTA San Andreas saw major changes in the game and takes the gaming world on a new journey. Unlike previous GTA games, GTA SA saw major upgrades. New bikes, new vehicles, new bicycles, and many more new things were introduced. New Airports, new bikes, new motion blur effect for the fast vehicles. Also, GTA SA was the first game to feature driving planes. From giant jumbo jet to the stunt plane. New weapons, tons of vehicles, and lots of more features were introduced which makes this game the most loved GTA Game for pc.


System Requirements

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
  • RAM: 384 MB (the more the better!)
  • OS: Windows 2000/XP only
  • VIDEO CARD: 128 MB DirectX 9.0c compliant video card (NVIDIA GeForce 6 series)
  • FREE DISK SPACE: 4.7 GB for the full install

GTA San Andreas tips and Tricks

Tip for home invading

Hi, I found one good tip for breaking and entering. At first write in the cheat OFVIAC, then get in the Black Boxville car and you can steal everything for as long as you want 🙂 

Police star

When you have one police star and you have a weapon in your hands (other than a fist, a knife, a nightstick, a baseball bat, a shovel …) police will be shooting at you, but when you switch to a fist (or any other named in the above bracket), police will put away their guns and take out their nightsticks. Quite funny, isn’t it? 🙂

Indestructible Sentinel

The mission – Intensive Care

When you steal an ambulance with John, two Sentinels start to search for you. It’s enough just to get out onto some flat area where they can’t get and then pick off the drivers over the windshield. When they fall out, the doors must remain open, otherwise, you can’t get into the car. Then park the car in your garage, get the ambulance, and finish the mission.

Your own photo

Do you want to have a photo of your character? Find some gangsters and a camera (have in your hand) then go in front of the gangsters and press TAB, then stand anywhere and have your photo taken. 

Unusual training

Hey, we discovered that you can shoot at flying ducks in GTA San Andreas and, by doing so, you improve a level of weapon control.

Super jump

In Los Santos, or I guess in Mulholland that is, according to map of tags tag, number 13, there is a broken piece of a brick fence. You can jump around this area and when you have high speed, you’ll get a bonus for this crazy action and you’ll be able to fly as never before.

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Trees near Sweet

When you climb into Sweet’s house (there is a Tec-9), then go as if you wanted to go to the basketball goal (you must go over a dwarf wall), turn CJ towards the tree, and jump. CJ will grab the tree and can climb up it…

Couple of tips

A) You don’t switch to all-wheel drive by space bar in a MONSTER truck but to all-wheel steering. (AWS – All Wheel Steering)
B) A city bus (BUS) changes into a normal bus in appearance.
C) You can move to a top platform using keys NUM2 and NUM8 in a PACKER truck

Handbrake by Hydra

I’ve found an interesting game bug: when you let the Hydra landing gear draw out, and you fly against the ground and press and hold ENTER (for getting out of a vehicle) just a bit before the ground, the hydra will slow down on minimum (as a bullet time) and it won’t crash into the ground at full speed. KA-BOOM!!!! –> the landing gear must be drawn out (out of the plane); otherwise, CJ will jump from the plane.

Combine Harvester

Unfortunately, farmers lock their combines. Therefore take your car and go into a field. Stop in front of a combine – it’ll stop too. Get out of the car and shoot the farmer in the head with a normal gun. If you are too low, climb onto the car roof. The farmer will fall out and the combine is yours. LOOK OUT: The save is time-limited for when farmers work (drive). I tried it at midnight, nothing was there and all the combines were locked. I tried to shoot with something else, but it didn’t work. Even if the farmer fell out, the combine didn’t open. When you drive too fast, the combine usually go over people, but it doesn’t kill them!!!

Stealing with ease

When you get into a house you want to rob, you must be sick of having to go silently. My tip is to go into the house, kill everyone, go out and enter again. Now you don’t have to go silently, because the sound meter isn’t there!

Unlimited SMG

Hi, I don’t know if you know it, but when you go into an Ammu-Nations in San Fierro in GTA San Andreas and buy one SMG and take part in a shooting race, as soon as you start, press enter – to finish the competition and you have the same SMG again. If you do it in more numbers, you can get, for instance, 2500 bullets at the price of one SMG.

Cars in GGMM

My tip is to change a car for two people into a bus in GGMM. But in GGMM, you must rename files *.dff to *.txd on what you want to change (for instance: bus). Then you must find a car that you want to change into the bus, and go with several friends of yours (up to 7) and get in. All will push on the front seat and the heads of some of them will be sticking out. End when you get out, some of your friends (about 2) might fly out.

Days in GTA San Andreas

Stats bar gta sa

Some of you don’t know, where the days in the week are, so here it is. Press TAB to show CJ statistics.  In the corner could be seen the abbreviation TUE which is a shorter version of the English TUESDAY. There could be also MON (MONDAY) and so on and simulates days in GTA San Andreas.

Enter an airport

Tip for an airport. If you don’t have any pilot licenses and they won’t let you in, steal a police car and switch on a siren and the doors will open.

The gang in a bus

When you have the maximum respect level, pick seven friends of yours and get on a bus and look at how they get it. Cool, isn’t it?

Robbing Uncle Sam

When you still have problems with the Robbing Uncle Sam mission by Ryder (you are supposed to remove boxes from a car by pushcart), you can do it this way too:
When you arrive in front of the gate, get over the fence and kill three soldiers outdoors, but be careful, don’t shoot at the door open!! Then shoot the two in the storeroom, take the pushcart and get the 5 boxes at the edge of the storeroom entry, the sixth one put on the pushcart and prepare it. Then shoot into the open door and give him the boxes, get in the car, and drive off at the designated place.

Beat the Cock

It is possible to absolve the first part of swimming with the jetpack and get quite a big edge in the “BEAT THE COCK” mission. I found it by coincidence when I was flying with a jetpack around the scenery and I decided to take part in the race. I took off the jetpack and when the race started the jetpack was still there. So I took it and flew. It is likely to do the same with the motorboat, but I didn’t try it. 

In Beat the Cock, it is possible to play the last part of the race with the jetpack (that one, when you have to run) And the second thing I want to tell you is that when you win, you’ll get only 20 000 dollars, so I think it doesn’t pay off, it’s better to go into a betting office.

Enter the airport

gta sa Airport

Come to a gate and run along with it. You must run so that you rub against it, until you hear the sound of a shaking fence, then get into your car and now you can easily go in.

Mike Torreno mission

You don’t have to drive off in a hurry after rescuing the guy in the Mike Torreno mission. I flew off in a chopper and landed in front of a cantina. But the problem is to find a car, and when you have it, you don’t have to make the two people get in, you can just go to a Pay ‘N’ Spray and then pick them up.


There is a house with a garage in Dillimore, that you can buy. When you get your car into the garage and you look from outside into the garage (the garage must be closed), your car won’t be there. But when you open the garage then, your car is still there. ´


Use your Jetpack to get to port docks. There should be a steaming chimney. Fly to the top of the chimney and stand on in. What will it do? Nothing. You’ll be standing on a chimney.

Motorbike tip

When somebody falls from a motorbike and you want to sit on it, the following situations can happen:
1. You’ll sit on the first one, and he’ll knock you down and walk-off
2. He’ll sit and you can knock him down and you can walk off
3. When you sit at the same time, you’ll be a driver and the owner is your passenger. You can drive him whenever you want and when you get out, he’ll do the same. Then he takes his motorbike back and drives off.

Common gang photo

I’ve found out a tip. When you have at least one person in your gang, walk to him and press TAB, a front view will be displayed. Now you must just choose the right angle and again press TAB and the photo is ready. (I’m not sure if you have to have a camera).

Tips for weapons around CJ’s

I have a tip for finding Tec, Uzi, and jackets around CJ’s home. Tec is on Sweet’s roof. To get it, you climb the wall behind your house, jump onto your roof and you can see it from there. The Uzi is under the bridge which leads to the hot ring and the jacket is directly under the next one.

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Go to the airport in Las Venturas, there is a hangar next to the main gate, where you can get assets from planes and choppers. Choose Whirly Bird Waypoint (right here you take this chopper) and after starting the quest, take your haul into your hangar at your airport in Verdant Meadows. Land and park the plane fast and runoff. If the hangar door manages to close, before the time limit to come back into a vehicle is out, you have won.

Garden multifunction mower:

There are several of them parked in the gardens of rich areas of Los Santos – to be exact in the Mulholland area. One is, for instance, to the east of your savepoint (northeast from Madd Dogg’s villas).

Indestructible vehicles:

The only vehicles that are mostly impossible to destroy (only by explosion, turnover, etc.) are bikes – for instance, the normal bicycle, mountain bike, or BMX.

How to safely get into a police station

Just change your weapon before entering the building into a fist or nightstick is enough.

How to become a millionaire

One hundred millions dollars on your account without cheating? This is probably the best way to earn a really big amount of money – but at first, you have to do at least one mission for Catalina (see a walkthrough). Then save the position near her cottage (location Fern Ridge) and walk to a close village, Montgomery. Find the local horse racing office Inside Track (on the picture) and go in.
gta sa

Go to one of two automats by the wall and choose a horse, which you want to bet on and bet, if it’s possible, the highest amount of money, you have (it will pay off!). Now just watch the race and when your horse wins, you’ll get your bet money and plus the extra bonus (when I bet about four million, I got moreover 46 000 000).

But you aren’t always a winner and if you don’t pick the winning horse (this is more likely a question of luck), you can often lose your money. In this case, just load an older savegame and get back to the office. Try again and, in case of a win, go save your game back at the cottage.

During one hour of real-time, you can easily earn over 100 000 000 dollars.

Super acceleration (only for motorbikes).

You can speed up your machine to double its maximum speed and how? Just press on a key for the list to up the speed during your drive. This is only for motorbikes.

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Location of some things:

In GTA San Andreas you can find some useful weapons and things, however, when looking for them you can have trouble.
For example, you can find an AK’47, a sniper gun, and a bi-plane with the members of the black clothes gang in Chinatown in San Fierro.
A camera and spray are in CJ’s bedroom at his house.
A fire extinguisher is in every Burger fast-food and a parachute on the highest mountain of SA, Mount Chiliad…

Fast weapon reload:

In GTA San Andreas, when you are in a shootout and there isn’t any place to hide and load your weapon, don’t worry. You can solve it out by a simple trick – just switch to another weapon (anything, like a fist) and then change back quickly; you will have a full clip without loading for a long time. It is good during attacks of more rivals when you don’t have time to wait (for enemy bullets).

Easter Eggs

Let’s continue the tradition of GTA Easter Eggs by the second one, which can be found in the new game San Andreas (GTA SA). You can see it this way: Go to the bridge connecting San Fierro and Las Venturas. Get to its top and there you can see this sign:

“There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away.”

Go to the Cluckin’ Bell restaurant. Jump over the bar and turn back. You’ll find this sign on the back of a server. “Taste the Cock”.

Rewards in GTA San Andreas:

– vigilante level 12 – a vest will be increased at 150%
– fire missions level 12 – CJ will become fireproof
– 50 taxi people – in all taxi will be NITRO
– the health will be increased by 150% so that you will eat well and do exercises

100 tags, AK-47, Tec-9, Sawn-off Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails will be in your mother’s house.
50 photos taken, Uzi, grenades, shotgun, and rifle will be in front of the Doherty garage in San Fierro.
50 horseshoes, M4, MP5, SPAS-12 shotgun, and Explosive substances will be in front of the Four Dragons casino.
For 50 shells, your Sex-appeal and lung capacity will increase.

How to get bonus vehicles in GTA San Andreas

Jet Pack
– carry out all missions on the plane cemetery BF Injection
BF Injection
– win Dirty Ring in Las Venturas
Bloodring Ranger
– stand 1 minute in the Bloodring in San Fierro
– pick up at least 25 checkpoints in Dirty Ring in Las Venturas
Hotring Racer
– the first place in all “8-Track” in Los Santos
Super GT
– all bronze medals in the driving school in San Fierro
– all silver medals in the driving school in SF
Hot Knife
– all gold medals in the moto-school in Las Venturas
– all bronze medals in the moto-school in Las Venturas
NTR 900
– all silver medals in the moto-school in Las Venturas
NRG 500
– all gold medals in the moto-school in Las Venturas
– all bronze medals in the naval school
– all silver medals in the naval school
Jet Max
– all gold medals in the naval school
– all bronze medals in the flying school
Acrobatic plane
– all silver medals in the flying school
– all gold medals in the flying school
– finish the mission “Vertical Bird” and it’s yours
– after game finishing at 100% or on a military basis.


Working out

In GTA San Anreas, if you spend a lot of time going jogging and working out with dumbbells. Your body will be improving and your muscles will get stronger. You will look good and have power; so you can easily become a leader of any of the gangs.

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