JRPG games for pc: Top 10 best JRPG games for PC.

JRPG games are always being the most favorite and most selling games for PC and console. Today we are going to see top 10 best JRPG games for PC. There has been an increased respect for RPGs over the years and a deeper interest in JRPGs, which fall back on the fundamentals of the genre. Download Link


Dark Souls is the most loved game and one of the best JRPG games for PC. It is a third-person action RPG Game. The basic mechanic of the game is exploration. The game encourages the players to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternative areas to explore. Dark Souls takes place in a large and continuous open world environment, connected through a central hub area. The player character can travel between areas and explore various paths at will. 

9. God Eater 2:

Rage Burst Bandai Namco’s gritty version of CAPCOM’s Monster Hunter series. However, this one puts action to its very centre. Set three years after the events of GOD EATERR resurrection, a mysterious rain sparks a pandemic to the world. As member of the Special Unit called Blood, it’s your task to investigate.

Set in a dystopian future where humanity is threatened by gargantuan beasts, it’s up to a select group of elite heroes known as God Eaters to quell the destruction they caused. Using their iconic God Arcs, this gigantic weapons serves as their melee and range attack. It offers a diverse take on the hack and slash genre. It receives a Play Score of 7.90

8. World of Final Fantasy

Square Eni’s citified version of their best-selling franchise and 8th in the list of best JRPG games for PC takes you to a magical journey with siblings Rein and Linn. Explore the vast land of Grimoire as you rediscover the past and save the future. Borrowing Pokémon’s gameplay, players utilise their captured monsters to fight for them in battle.

Apart from its gameplay, meet familiar and iconic characters of the Final Fantasy series all in their cute citified forms. Characters such as Cloud, Lightning, and others will guide you on your adventure. It receives a Play Score of 7.90

7. Nicer:

Automata Straight out of Yoko Taro’s own head, enteral desolate Earth populated by Alien robots. This spin-off to the Drakengard Series takes you to the life of Yoho Androids, 2B, A2, and 9S as they unearth the biggest mysteries of human consciousness. Gameplay-wise, it’s a cathartic hack and slash RPG experience.

Considering it was once a Sony exclusive, Square Eni managed to give the PC users a chance to enjoy a gripping story about these curious AI’s. Roam around its gorgeous open world and take control of these protagonists as they find out what it means to be human. It’s an existentialists nightmare, and not to mention it offers a ton of endings. It receives a Play Score of 8.09

6. Ys VI: Ark of Naphistim

Nahomi Falco’s iconic JRPG once again takes you to the shoes of the legendary Adel the Red. In Ark of Naphistim, Adel was washed ashore in a mysterious island. This is the first 3D Ys game ever released, and it’s new and improved real-time combat is a game-changer.

Like most Ys games, it features a deep and involving story that ties in to the history of Ys. This PC release enhances the visual experience with adjustable High-Res mode, gamepad support, achievements and so much more. It receives a Play Score of 8.15

5. Ni No Kuna II:

jrpg games for pc

Revenant Kingdom Together with Bandai Namco Entertainment, Level-5 brings back the breath taking sights of their chili-filled JRPG games for pc with this jaw-dropping sequel. In direct collaboration with Studio Glibly, dive into a familiar yet vastly improved Ni No Kuna chapter. After being overthrown by a mysterious coup, the Young King Evan on a life-changing journey of self and redemption.

Meet new people around their beautifully crafted kingdoms, and head to battle with engaging combat system. It’s an all-new Ni No Kuna world, with memorable moments and heart-warming friendships. It receives a Play Score of 8.33

4. Final Fantasy XII:

jrpg games for pc

The Zodiac Age One of PlayStation 2’s best-selling games. Return to Damask in this beautiful remaster of the sky-soaring, wall-destroying characters of Final Fantasy XII. Named The Zodiac Age, it promises to enhance most of the concerns from the community such Game Balance. It’s International Zodiac Job System brings a whole new approach to the progression.

This puts your characters to unique specialties sand skills that was once a missing feature during the original game. Though the updates seem huge, it’s still pretty much the game. Get caught in its political conspiracies and difficult boss fights. And as usual, don’t listen to Ondore’slies, because this game receives a Play Score of 8.33

3. The Legend of Heroes:

jrpg games for pc

Trails in The Sky SC You’re not a real JRPG games fan if you haven’t heard of Nihon Falcom’s legendary Trails in the Sky series. The future of Liberal is still at stake under the deeper control of the mysterious Society of Ouroboros. Picking up shortly after the events of the first chapter, follow Estelle as she travels across the land in search of his missing step-brother Joshua.

As a Bracer Guild member, immerse yourself in a grand adventure as you help townsfolk with their problems, play mini-games and meet a stellar cast of memorable characters. With an expanded combat system, powered ban acclaimed soundtrack to boot, it’s truly one of gaming’s most important JRPG. It has a Play Score of 8.52

2. Tales of Bursaria

jrpg games for pc

When it comes to JRPG games for pc, there’s always Tales. Ever since the release of the first Tales game, numerous instalments have been created. With each helping shape the future of the franchise. Bandai Namco’s latest addition to the series is Tales of Bursaria. This will be the sixteenth entry to the ever growing Tales series and it serves as a prequel to Zestril. Bursaria is already available to Japanese gamers since August 2016, as usual.

The story follows a band of heroes in a Kingdom corrupted by demonic presence. The gameplay is similar to most Tales games. It’s still an RPG in third-person perspective. The gameplay remains the same in almost every way — from combat to the underlying mechanics. It receives a Play Score of 8.55

1.  Valkyrie Chronicles SEGA

jrpg games for pc

And the best JRPG games for PC so far is none other than Valkyrie Chronicles SEGA’s cell-shaded take on the War Genre that involves flying bullets and political intrigue. Set in a war-torn land in the first ever entry to SEGA’s cult favourite, Valkyrie Chronicles. Control a band of heroes in their effort to quell the enemy empire from amassing an impending invasion. Utilize the game’s unique Tactical Combat Gameplay Called the Blitz Combat System. It is one of the best JRPG Games for pc.

Players take control of characters in the battlefield to move and shoot enemies via turn-based and real-time moments. Aside from its hybrid gameplay, the story is gripping with political heights. The cut scenes and the game’s gorgeous art style also comes into full form due to its 1080p and 60 frames per second improvement. It has a Play Score of 8.71.

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