PUBG India Ban: Krafton appoints a new official for India

PUBG INDIA BAN LATEST UPDATE: After so many rumors and other fake news and the news that MEITY has not granted the permission to relaunch PUBG, a new update has arrived related to PUBG INDIA BAN. According to some source and some recent reports, KRAFTON inc. (Parents of PUBG MOBILE) has announced that they are appointing some new member to the country management.

As per the news, Aneesh Aravind has been appointed as the country manager for the PUBG Mobile India. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry, have worked for multiple companies including Tencent. Along with Akash Jumde as Visual Content Designer, Piyush Agarwal as Finance Manager, Arpita Priyadarshini as Senior Community Manager and Karan Pathak as Senior Esports Manager.

Now, its 4 month since the ban of PUBG Mobile and still it seems that PUBG Fans will need to wait for longer time. As it was said in the previous reports that the waiting time for PUBG Fans can extend to March 2020 it means that PUBG Mobile is not going to release before March 2020 and it may longer time.


After the the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, everyone is waiting for the approval of MEITY. As it was said earlier, PUBG Mobile still do not have permission and the game is not unbanned yet. It does not seem that PUBG Mobile India will be unban anytime soon. As per the report by GEM E-sports, PUBG India unban is not possible anytime soon and it might take 2-3 months to sort out all the problems between MEITY and PUBG India regarding the unban and ban of the Battle Royale. Bad news for PUBG Mobile
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Also Note that PUBG INDIA Unban has been on hold because of MEITY and national child body protection act but according to some Youtubers, like Maxtern, PUBG India could unban does not seems to happen very soon and previously it was said to be happening on 25 December means on Christmas. Bad news for PUBG Mobile
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After PUBG ban, It was said that PUBG Mobile India can be released on Christmas. According to Indian Pro Youtuber Maxtern PUBG Mobile India can be launched on 25 December 2020. But for now, there is still no official confirmation and there is no official statement by PUBG Mobile India Official. Previously, it was said that PUBG Mobile India can be launched during the first week of December. After that it was said that PUBG Mobile do not have permission to be launched in India. PUBG India Ban

PUBG Mobile do not have permission to Operate in India by MEITY. After that, it was said that PUBG Mobile is too violent as per the Child body Protection act and it will not be released in India. For now, it is said that PUBG Mobile India will be released on 25 December. Now let’s see that what is going to happen next and wait for official statement by PUBG Corp. Krafton inc. PUBG India Ban

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