Top 10 Best Multiplayer Zombie Games for PC

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Zombie Games for PC

Multiplayer Zombie games for pc are very much in demand these days. All the zombie lovers, kids and adults, kids especially love playing this cool online game.  Best Multiplayer Zombie Games For PC – It’s a must that you should not miss out this great genre of Zombie Games on your list of Online Flash Games. These online games are simply the best multiplayer zombie games available on mobile handsets.

If you’ve already reviewed the following list of top games last year, then you definitely know about these top games now. The top 10 zombie games of 2021 include many different varieties of zombie games for undead and humans. You will find out some amazing zombies games for all undead and human players.

multiplayer zombie games for pc

7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die is an open-world game that’s a unique blend of the first-person shooter as well as a survival horror, tower defense as well as a role-playing game. Enjoy the most popular zombie survival sandbox game that first came out. Within the game 7 Days to die the player is dropped into a randomly generated world or into the world that is preset in Navezgane, Arizona, with the aim of living the longest time possible against the elements as well as the zombie crowds. In a survival game, the character is always in need of food and water for sustenance, as being prone to injuries and illnesses.

The game is based on voxels (similar in a few ways to Minecraft however, it has a smooth terrain) which allows for easy building and the destruction of objects within the physics-simulated world (for example, constructing structures without support like pillars or walls could lead to collapse). The objects found that are found in the world degrade with use, which means that players must search for new tools or create them as the game advances. Players can also collect and make materials from nature as well as human remains to build these essential things. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is an update from Resident Evil 2, a remake of the 1998 game with the identical title. In contrast to the original game, which utilizes tank controls and cameras that are fixed, this remake includes “over-the-shoulder” third-person shooter gameplay like Resident Evil 4 and more recent games from the series that lets players move their guns while playing similar to Resident Ego 6.

The standard and assisted difficulty modes to differ from the original version by offering autosaves, and the ability to save as frequently as they want in safe rooms. If a player decides to go on “Hardcore” difficulty, players are required to gather and use a limited number of ribbons of ink to save their game’s progress. This is similar to what was done in the first game. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

When exploring the police station players will find and collect things that will help them get through the station and escape. Certain items like herb powder and gun powder can be combined to create healing items as well as ammunition. The items can also be scrutinized for clues to gain access to specific areas or hidden objects in the game. They can also be removed after use.

Overall combat varies depending on difficulty. Assisted difficulty provides aim assist and recovery of health, as well as less powerful enemies, while hardcore includes stronger enemies and very little ammunition available to players. Combat also differs based on the player. The enemy will usually attack players when they are detected and could be crippled or killed to reduce their speed. Zombies may attempt to gain entry into the station via windows, but they can be stopped if windows are blocked prior to. Certain enemies have to be defeated to advance through the game. They cannot be eliminated.

Multiplayer Zombie Games for PC

Left 4 Dead 2

Similar to its predecessor, Left 4 Dead 2 is a first-person shooter that places the emphasis being on cooperative gameplay. The game features five brand new campaigns, each made up of three or five levels. Similar to the previous game every campaign is displayed in loading screens and menus as a film featuring the four Survivors and also includes when a campaign is completed the fake credits screen, which serves as the scoreboard of the players, and also summarizes the statistics on the performance of the entire group.

Each campaign has a majority of levels that require the Survivors to get into a safe zone and shut the door once they have all been safely inside. The final stage in every campaign requires the survivors to call for assistance and then either endure a long assault until they are rescued or traverse an extremely demanding maze of Infected in order to find an escape vehicle as well (in Dead Center and The Moving) take and use fuel cans in order for their escape. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

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State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is an action game for zombies, which focuses on scavenging items for use, where gameplay is played from a third-person view. The game takes place in an open-world setting and includes multiplayer gameplay that can be played with up to three players. players. The player has the option to pick from various areas to build the base and then further strengthen and enhance it by adding amenities like watchtowers sleeping quarters, gardens workshops, kitchens medical bays, etc. to ensure that survivors are in good health and safety. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

The game’s main objective is to balance the consumption of resources like medicines, food, ammunition, and building materials. These can be obtained through trading or scavenging from NPCs. Players can interact with other survivors that are not part of their group, trading with them and helping them, or even inviting them to join. Only one person can be controlled at any given time, but the player may request to have an AI-controlled person join them. Additionally, in certain scenarios that require AI control, one or more survivors will join the player. Cooperative multiplayer is also available, allowing players to invite friends to play their game and assist with their objectives.

Multiplayer Zombie Games for PC

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter video game that can be played solo or with at least six players. The game was inspired by the events of Killing Floor, in which biotech company Horzine attempted to develop military clones but was taken over by a maniacal researcher, who unleashed the clones throughout the UK. The clones are now quickly expanded across Europe which has slowed down the European Union. The game Killing Floor 2, taking place one month after playing the game in the beginning, clone outbreak has spread to other continents, creating a crisis for governments and communication systems to break down. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

Gameplay is a battle between players through zombie-like hordes also known as Zeds. When waves are completed they will see the number of enemies increase. Different types of enemies are introduced during each round, which culminates in the boss battle in the last wave. The enemy count will be determined by amount of players playing the game.

The boss’s identity is decided randomly at the start of the final round, and every boss is dealt with in a different way.  The players are equipped with melee weapons, firearms as well as a healing syringe as well as a welding device to block the passages. Ammo, random weapons and armor can be discovered through exploration of the level but players can only carry only a certain amount of weight they are able to take on.

Call of Duty Zombie

The goal for the player is get through every round of zombies invading your home and then a harder round starts. The player starts the game using an Colt 1911 and has access to a melee attack using the use of a combat knife and the maximum number of hand grenades. When players take on zombies, they collect points. These points can be used to purchase weapons, perks and access to various areas in the game. There are maps that have various variations of zombies, which spawn at specific times, like zombie hellhounds.

Zombies can enter the map playable by barricaded entry points. As time passes, the difficulty gets harder and zombies will be able to take down barricades quicker. Players get points for the replacement of barricades and also for taking out zombies. The game comes with a wide range of benefits that can be purchased with points, which provide players with improved capabilities. Alongside the perks, there are numerous instances of power-up drops that remain after the zombie has been killed to help players. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

Multiplayer Zombie Games for PC

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Dying Lights

Dying Light is a Survival-horror video game played in a first-person viewpoint. The game takes place in the open-world area known as Harran at the beginning, an area called the Slums is available for exploration and later, there is an additional location known as Old Town. The players explore the urban area and are surrounded by a horde of zombies. The game is based on parkour techniques, which allow players to do actions like climbing up over ledges, jumping off edges, sliding down, jumping between roofs, and zip-lining. Grappling hooks allow players to climb buildings and swiftly move between places.

While players explore the game’s terrain it is possible to scavenge resources as well as loot, which could be used to make new weapons, or sold to sellers. The character of the player can make use of their “survivor sense” to identify any loot that is nearby and use locks to open chests that are locked. The players can also take on different side missions, by accepting assignments from non-playable characters within games’ safe zones. As players explore Harran the game, they are able to find various collectibles like journals and notes and listen to voicemail recordings. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

Dead Island

Dead Island features an apparent open world that roams, separated by vast areas and it is played in the first-person viewpoint. Most of the game’s gameplay revolves around battle (mainly melee guns) as well as completing missions. Dead Island is an action-based role-playing game that uses the concept of experience-based gaming. The player earns XP through doing tasks and taking out enemies. When they reach a certain level the player will gain health and is able to invest one skill point to the skills tree and upgrade one of their abilities.

Combat can be carried out using physical or using melee weaponry as well as firearms. The emphasis is placed on melee weapons in the extent that firearms aren’t available during the initial phase of the game. These are comprised of bladed and blunt weapons. Melee weapons are also able to be shot into targets at any time during the game. Weapons are generated randomly and are placed in predetermined areas and also on enemies. It is one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

They come with unique stats, which are usually determined by the player’s level. Each weapon is upgradeable three times in order to boost its effectiveness, and a majority of weapons are “modded” – customized based on a blueprint, allowing unique features, like knives or electrified nails or the poison. They will become worn-out from continuous use and require maintenance and care usage, in particular because when the weapon’s damage is beyond a certain level, it will cost more to fix.

There’s also stamina bar. This means that after a certain number of physical actions like running or jumping at a weapon, the person has to stop to replenish the stamina. Combating a zombie of high level can lead to the player losing stamina and possibly getting killed. The game includes “special class” zombies, which are more potent than standard zombies. Players must make use of flashlights in areas that are dark and at night to increase tension. These gameplay features makes it one of the best multiplayer zombie games for pc.

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