Top 10 best gaming keyboard under 1500 in India 2021

Are you looking for a gaming keyboard under 1500? Are you confused about which keyboard should you buy? Whether a membrane keyboard or a mechanical one. So today I’ll clear all of your doubts and will help you to pick the best gaming keyboard under 1500.

Best gaming keyboard under 1500.

gaming keyboards under 1500

Redragon Karura K502 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard

It is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500. Along with gaming comfort, it has many other features to help during long gaming sessions. Like, it has swappable WASD and ARROW keys that can be switched using FN keys. The Wristrest is big enough and although made of plastic does not irritate the skin. This keyboard has silent keys for late-night quiet gaming without any irritating keyboard keys like sound like a Typewriter.

The keys are spaced apart perfectly for large hands. So no problem if you have bigger hands. There are 6 different lighting mode effects and 4 Backlit brightness levels. The breathing speed can be adjusted and lights can be turned off completely. It has laser-engraved keycaps which offer clear backlighting.

gaming keyboard under 1500

Redgear G-20 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

This combo has one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500. This is a wired keyboard with semi-mechanical RGB backlit. It comes with a floating keycap and double injection keycaps for comfortable gaming. It has cool RGB lighting with clearly visible keys for late-night and gaming in the darkroom. It is sturdy and gives you a strong feel. This keyboard is lightweight and easy to carry.

This combo comes with a Mouse that is very strong and comfortable and its design makes it easy to use. The mouse has 7 programmable buttons to set and make it convenient while gaming. Along with that, the keyboard RGB has 16.8 million color customization options through software. For connection, it has a 1.8m braided cable and tough build quality which increases the durability of the mouse.

Chiptronex Kranos RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500, as it has got everything that a gaming keyboard should have. Like high comfort level and better keys quality. Other than this, It is durable, got really good quality keys, and the typing does feel a bit like the mechanical ones mentioned above. This keyboard is very smooth to type. The best part is key to key spacing.

And the water resistance works. This keyboard is good as it does not have any major con unlike other keyboards present in the market which has some other issues. It has 5 levels of brightness for RGB lights and a 1.8 meter long full braided cable which is very strong. Along with that, it has 16 million colors in its RGB lights and you can set each key with a different set of colors.

This keyboard is strong, sturdy, and very comfortable for long gaming sessions. Even if you like to use the keyboard a bit aggressively then also this keyboard is best for you.

gaming keyboard under 1500

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard

This is a good keyboard for gaming and very comfortable for long usages. If we talk about its lighting, there is quite a number of modes you can switch to. However, the keyboard is base lit and not key lit, which means the lights are not inside each key but are placed in the base of the keyboard and spread out throughout the keyboard. Key lit keyboards are better for readability in low light conditions but you will not have a hard time using this keyboard in the same condition.

For build quality, I will tell you that, this keyboard is completely made of plastic. Not too bad, but there is a lot of flex which makes it easy to break if you put some force into it. But I know you’re not looking forward to pressing keys so hard like the force of heavily weighted dumbells or anything that’s heavy, and since you’re gonna be using it for gaming, the build quality should not bother you.

gaming keyboard under 1500

HP K300 Backlit Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard

This is a professional gaming keyboard by HP and it is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500. The design of this keyboard for gaming is good. It is made of high-quality plastic which is strong and sturdy. The keys are placed so well that it is very accurate. It is more of a gaming keyboard so its feet are a bit higher giving you a comfortable angle for gaming. This keyboard is a bit heavy so as to provide a better grip and not to slip away from its position during stressful gaming situations.

The weight of this keyboard is heavy and it provides grip to the surface. Although, the RBG lights of this keyboard look good but the brightness of these light is too low in bright daylight but without room light or dark room its look good and lacks different RGB effects. It is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500.


ZEBRONICS Zeb-Transformer K2 Gaming Keyboard

According to me, this keyboard is the best gaming keyboard under 1500. It has a metal top with a thick plastic base which makes it very strong and provides a better drip on the surface so that the keyboard will not slip apart during gaming. It has raised keycaps with tactile membrane keys thus it is not a mechanical keyboard. It has a long USB cable with Gold plated USB connector. The cable is also braided and it is strong.

The base of the keyboard has decent quality rubber pads for better grip on the desk. This keyboard also has a Windows lock feature and you can interchange the WASD and arrows keys. For lights, it has the same pattern RGB lights but with different levels of brightness. For brightness control, it has buttons.

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Cosmic Byte CB-Gk-15 Triton Gaming Keyboard

This is the most underrated keyboard and one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500. It has a full RGB backlit setup which has 8 different modes which you can toggle between. These 8 modes are further customizable using the driver software. Along with this, it has Dedicated Macro Keys. This is a really useful feature if you are into gaming or editing.

But the position of that key is a bit bad as you might press the macro button instead of the Ctrl or Esc key. This won’t happen once you get used to the keyboard. It has dedicated driver software from which you can customize the functions of each and every individual key, change the lighting effects and add macros to the keyboard.



gaming keyboards

Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse

This is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500. It is a membrane keyboard with raised keys probably we can say it is a semi-mechanical keyboard and kinda best for gaming. It has 4 levels of brightness for RGB lighting and it has rainbow RGB pattern and no other lights. It is baselit type, not key lit but it is great for dark room gaming.

It is very comfortable for long gaming session and it is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500.

gaming keyboard

EvoFox Fireblade Gaming Wired Keyboard 

It is a membrane keyboard. It has comfortable raised keys which gives it a look and feel of a mechanical keyboard. However, the gaming experience is not comparable to a mechanical keyboard. It does feel better than the usual membrane keyboard though. It does make some noise while typing, and it is not that pleasant like typing on a mechanical keyboard. So, if you want a silent keyboard, this is not the one for you.

It does come with basic backlighting. RGB colors are available but without many options. Three brightness levels are there, and a dedicated key to toggle the light state. Windows key lock function is also there. It is one of the best gaming keyboard under 1500.


gaming keyboards under 1500

Quantum QHM9800 Rapid Strike Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is a mechanical keyboard which is very comfortable for gaming and it is a matter of fact that you get this keyboard under 1500. Basically for 1499. This keyboard has everything that a gaming keyboard should have. It has anti-ghosting keys so that you can press several keys together. The keys are Cherry MX Blue like switches in other words we can say they are very clicky.

By the way, if you like a quiet keyboard or you like to do late-night gaming, I will tell you, this keyboard is very loud. You may think loud but it is way too loud like a typewriter. But the sound of the keyboard feels very nice and you may like it if you typing. It is a heavy-duty mechanical keyboard is made up of powerful robust materials which are what every gamer roots for.

It is a LED-backlit keyboard that allows multi-key to work simultaneously with high speed, and will never miss a single key-press or confuse your commands under any conditions. It is a splash-proof keyboard so you don’t need to worry about the keyboard getting wet. It is the best gaming keyboard under 1500.

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